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Educational Enrichment Assemble Programs

Thank you for considering some of our various Educational Enrichment Assembly Programs for your School's School Assembly Programming.
All of our programs are 40 to 45 minutes of FUN and LEARNING for your students. All are loaded with laughs, mystery, and education. They'll take your students on an exciting adventure of discovery and fantasy.
I'm looking forward to working with you on this project and assisting you with your Assembly Programming needs. Have a great day!
Yours for Educational Excellence,
Bernie Stevens
The Arts | Reading | Writing | Science | Self Esteem & Substance Abuse | History
The Arts
In "Jazz Time" your students will learn the improvisational skills of jazz music and it's history. They'll learn about Bebop and hear the music of many of the jazz greats.
In "Strings of My Harp", Onita Sanders lets your students explore the sights, the sounds, and the versatility of the harp through her performance of classical, jazz, ethnic, and contemporary selections.
In "Jamaican Fun Time" a fun time will be had by all! Sit back an enjoy the music of the steel drums. Your students will also learn about the positive vibes and influences of reggae music and how it brings people together.
In "Music and Dance of the Scottish Highland", two members of the White Heather Bagpipe Band will perform traditional Scottish music and dance. Your students will learn about Scottish music, culture, and folklore during this entertaining program.
In this extraordinary musical program, "The Gratitude Steel Band", your students will experience first hand the music, the energy, and the culture that makes the Caribbean what it is!
"Dan Hall's In-School Concert" focuses on musical expression as an art form, self-worth as a young person, and enjoying music for music's sake.
In this dramatic musical program, "Music of Africa", your students will experience first hand the music, the costumes, the energy, and the culture that makes Africa what it is!
In "The Musical, Magical, Mystery Train", your students are swished to the land where music had its' roots. Presented by 3 singer / actors, this is the fastest half-hour of musical energy and excitement your students can handle in one sitting
In " Just Beat It!", your students will learn about drums, their components, the percussion concept, rhythm techniques, and the tools used to achieve the various sounds. Student participation is encouraged by allowing them the opportunity to play the drums and the various instruments that are brought along for this Program.
Come run away with Rosco and join his magic circus in "The History of Clowning". Your students will learn all about the history of clowning and why clowns are oh so silly!
"The Magic Onion" presented by the Puppet Place Puppet Theater is a wonderful musical spoof of classic fairy tales. Watch as the beautiful princess, a wicked magician, a brave prince, and a very big dragon conspire to keep your students in stitches.
"All's Multi-Cultural Adventure" is a delightful musical presented by 3 singer / actors. It drives home the importance of acceptance in a multicultural world.
Your students will be "hopping" with glee as they are caught up in the excitement of this fantasy version of the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale, "The Frog Prince". Presented by Fantasy E-Fex Puppets, this Program contains state-of-the-art puppetry.
"Dalby, the 102nd Dalmatian" is a musical, motivational, sing-along adventure for your students. Learn how Dalby wants to be "a star", but with the help of his friends, he discovers that we all need to believe in ourselves and that "we are already stars, just the way we are!" Sit back and enjoy this Program of full-body, costum ed characters
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Long before the days of snake-oil salesmen... tricksters were already rooted - and revered in every culture. In "Trickster Tales from Around the World", Barbara Schultzgruber will take your students to the four corners of the world to learn about these tricksters.
"Reading on the Wildside", takes your students on a magical safari through exotic lands searching for "wild animals". Your imagination will run wild and you'll be very curious about what's lurking on the next page.
Fantasy E-Fex Puppets' production of "Rumplestiltskin", will bring this classic, fairy tale fable to live, right before your students' eyes. It teaches your students a valuable lesson about the importance of always telling the truth and the unexpected results of making promises.
In "Getting to Know Our Neighbors", your students listen to stories that have been told for centuries by our neighbors in North and South America.
In "Quilting Time", your students will have the opportunity to look in on a "quilting bee" and listen to stories being told. They'll learn how this unique activity, helped to teach socialization skills while creating beautiful quilts.
The Puppet Place Puppet Theater's production of "Pierre and the Alligator" is a Cajun / Creole version of the classic folk story of "Peter and the Wolf". It will have your students laughing and sitting on the edges of their seats through the whole program.
In "The Village", Deborah Taylor, will teach your students about an African village and its' cooperative work ethics, through her captivating stories.
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Steven Michael Harris, author of This Is My Trunk (Atheneum Publishers), has delivered his extremely funny and educational presentations on the topic of writing to students in over 4,000 schools. This author's program has now been seen by more than a million people.
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"Scutes & Scales & Prairie Dog Tails" is a unique hands-on Show, which features magic as an amusing way of introducing a vast array of exotic animals to your students.
In "The Magic of the Blue Flame", your students will discover the "magical powers" of natural gas. They'll learn how the gas was formed, where it's found, how it's used, and tips on safety and conservation of our natural resources.
In "The Mother Nature Revue", Mother Nature and her friends learn about the interesting and beautiful relationship between mothers and their young.
"George Young and the Fun & Quiz Show" is a cross between Jeopardy, Beat the Clock, and Double Dare. This high energy Game Show will keep your students on the edge of their seats with all of the thought provoking and funny questions (age appropriate questions range from safety, ecology, human relations, geography, television and movie trivia, etc.), fast-paced comedy, and hilarious audience participation stunts.
"Creatures of the Night" is an amazing, humorous, magical presentation of nocturnal reptiles, insects, and seldom seen mammals.
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Self-Esteem & Substance Abuse
In the "Say No to Drugs!" Concert, QTMC Music Group, a dynamic Rap group, deliver a strong anti-drug and anti-violence message to your students. Their performance includes many of their original songs.
In "Straight Is Great!", your students will learn some of the dangers of drug abuse and bolster their self-esteem. They'll learn that it's "cool" to stay away from drugs and that "straight is great"! (Suitable for 3rd grade and above.)
Laughter is a very powerful educational tool that Owen Anderson uses to teach self-worth, core values, and committing yourself to your education. In "I'm Wonderful!", Owen brings clowning, pantomime, music, and lots of silliness to this celebration of his belief that "everyone is unique, special, and wonderful!"
In "Yes! Even This Job Takes An Education", Owen Anderson, presents a hysterical humorous program which delivers a powerful message about decision making, drop-out prevention, and commitment to education. Owen's ingenious blend of comedy, zany audience participation, and crazy music, will bring your students to their feet!
"Foxy's Health & Safety Revue" is a fun, musical program that teaches students how to have a healthy heart and healthy body. This high energy Show has it all... exercising, eating right, and teaches the do's and don'ts of doing the right thing.
"The Bubbylonian Encounter" is a funny, energetic, and enlightening program which teaches children about "body safety" and prevention. Your students will learn the difference between a "good touch" and a "bad touch", and what to do if they find themselves in a "bad touch" situation.
In "So Who Says It's Cool?", your students will learn how to make positive choices. Owen Anderson will captivate their attention with his humor, as he explains the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.
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In Jim Perkin's "American Song Bag", your students will be taken on a musical journey through the history of America with a special emphasis placed on the Michigan frontier.
In "Celtic & American Folklore", sit back and enjoy the stories and music of Irish and American folklore.
In "Kaleb and His Tall Tales", experience and relive the folklore of Michigan's "1800's wilderness", from someone that's seen it first hand!
Enjoy the wonderful antics of "Mother Universe"! Whether she's explaining the differences in cultures through stories or songs, or just imaginatively whisking you around the world with her "magic hats", she teaches history, multicultural differences, and a whole lot more.
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