Win $10,000... Great program for Corporate and Charity Events. Add this to your next program for some extra fun!

The $10,000 Putting Challenge 

The $10,000 Putting Challenge
There's nothing quite like cold hard cash to spark the interest and add excitement to any event! So our $10,000 Putting Challenge is just the thing to liven things up and get your group's attention.

We use a tournament style format where contestants initially qualify with a 10' putt, then for those who make it, a "putt off" is then held at a distance of 25'. The winner of this "putt off", is then given a chance at a 60' putt, for a cool $10,000 in cash.
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Here's what's included with your $10,000 Putting Challenge:
Challenge Putting Green with holes at 10', 25' and 60'.
Right handed and left handed putters.
Golf Balls.
Winner's Tote Board.
A Staff Member to run the event.
A guaranteed $10,000 payoff, if the 60' putt is made.
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The $10,000 Putting Challenge is ideal for:
Corporate Events
Golf Tournaments
Trade Shows
Special Promotions
Charity Fundraisers
...The charity sells qualifying putts and then splits any prize money with the winner!

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$10,000 Putting Challenge - Rules

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