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Rio and the Rockabilly Revival
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Born into Rock 'N Roll royalty, the Revival's front woman, Rio Scafone, came up under her famous uncle, early rock pioneer Jack Scott, and carries on the family tradition of serving up spitfire Roots Rock 'n' Soul music.

Rio is a living whirlwind on stage, full of raw energy, power, grace and sex appeal. As she says, "it's just you, the microphone and the truth." The Revival's music is steeped in the gritty soul and fervor of a whiskey-fueled Southern revival tent. Taking cues from the founding fathers of Rock N Roll, they blend it together with modern style that will satisfy the traditional American Rock N’ Roll purists and contemporary music lovers alike. With the slow-burn swagger of a young Elvis Presley and wailing abandon of Little Richard, they seamlessly weave the old with the new.

Known for their bombastic shows and unstoppable energy, their live performances have been called “the church of rock 'n' roll,” "witnessing... next generation icons," "a rock 'n roll wonder," and "incredibly primal," by critics and fans alike.
Rio and the Rockabilly Revival
"Then Scafone's on stage, twisting, gyrating and owning every inch like some sort of possessed, evangelical ... dervish. It's at once nostalgic performance art, killer show band and a rock 'n' roll wonder."
-Brett Callwood, The MetroTimes
March 7, 2012
Rio and the Rockabilly Revival
"On a 100 degree Sunday afternoon... Her raven hair was set off by (her) glistening with sweat like a Gypsy woman ragging on crank, and when she kicked off her number "Save My Soul", I must report that despite the pervasive swelter, goosebumps raised on both my arms, and a chill shot up and down my spine.

... Rio Scafone is... a hell-spitting minx whose core... is hope and salvation. And, frankly, enough earthy sex appeal to move tectonic plates. Whipping an audience into a frenzy worthy of a revival tent..."
-Tom Stevens, MetroVibe Magazine,
Vol 1, issue 2, October 2012
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Rio and the Rockabilly Revival - Videos
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Rio was so captivating that it didn't matter (who you were)... your eyes didn't want to leave her for a second. I was completely locked in on her. Watching the band play felt like an honor, like we should be thanking them. I was convinced that I was witnessing a legend being born, seeing (a) next generation icons."
-Vera Khzouz, HEAR Magazine
March 11, 2012

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fundraisers Warren Mi   fundraisers Warren Mi
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