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Santa Central

What are the Holidays without "the man in red"?
Let Santa bring the "true magic" of the Holidays to your event!
Santa Central
Do you want the best looking Santa for you Holiday Party,
Special Event or Holiday Promotion?
... Then Santa Central is your answer!
Santa Central
Do you need a Santa for your Tree Lighting Ceremony?
... Then Santa Central is your answer!
Santa Central
Do you need a Santa for your Holiday Parade?
... Then Santa Central is your answer!
Santa Central
Santa Central
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BSA Events & Entertainment
Michigan Office:  24120 Schoenherr, Ste. A Warren, MI 48089
Ohio Office: 46 Chagrin Plaza, Ste. 131 Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

1-248-850-5870 - 1-800-4-BERNIE (800-423-7643)
Santa Central
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60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Questions and Answers
1) Why don't other Santa-gift companies offer a 60-day money-back guarantee like PackageFromSanta?

Other sites don't offer a 60-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee (some don't offer a Money Back Guarantee at all!) because they don't have top notch quality products. It's that simple. If they allowed their customers to send their low quality products back to them, they would be flooded with returns.

2) Why does PackageFromSanta show hundreds of testimonials from real customers and other sites show only a few... or none at all?

We get thousands of inspirational stories and testimonials from our loyal customers every season... some are downright tear-jerkers. We are proud to display our reviews on our site. Other websites must resort to 'making up testimonials', accompanied by 'stock photos'. But they're not fooling anyone. It takes years of hard work to achieve the level of customer satisfaction that has. You can't fake true customer satisfaction!

3) Why do other companies let you personalize only certain tiny areas of my child's letter?

Creating a completely personalized Santa Letter is a very difficult process. We wish it were as easy as using a little bit of Elf Magic! We have invested a lot of time, money and many years of hard work into our website to allow each customer to add personalization down to the last detail in their child's Santa Letter. Many other companies allow you to personalize only a few items because it's easier, and cheaper... but the results are unimpressive. Kids nowaways can spot these 'fake Santa letters' from a mile away!

4) Can't I just print my own Santa letter with a free template?
Have you ever heard the saying "You get what you pay for?" That's true with Santa Letters, too! Sites that offer "Free" Santa Letter templates are confusing, poorly designed, and will often leave you AND your child frustrated. Your child deserves the best quality Santa Letter, with an official Gold Foil Seal of Authenticity, sent from the North Pole, just like the Santa Letters we offer. :)

5) Do your packages include the dangerous choking hazards that some other Santa-gift companies include in their boxes?

Absolutely Not! We take great care to ensure all of our products are 100% safe for children. We pass all safety standards, and we have your child's safety in mind at all times. Parental Warning: Beware of sites that offer 'Reindeer Food' that contains glitter. Children can inhale the glitter, causing problems with their lungs.

6) Why aren't ALL other Santa-gift companies members of the Better Business Bureau? Are some of them SCAMS?

Many Santa Letter sites are not registered with the BBB, because you must pass rigorous standards to be approved. Not only must your site be 100% secure, but you must prove that child information is SAFE, all privacy policies are up to date, and there is a visible customer service link. You must also have a proven track record of customer service and timely product shipment. adheres to all of those standards, and has an 'A' BBB Rating... we earned it. :)

No matter what service you choose, be sure the company has an excellent "A" rating with their local Better Business Bureau. That's extremely important because there are several Santa Letter Scam sites currently operating:

Tim Burns, the public affairs director for the Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Michigan, was amazed to see the number of online offers for letters or phone calls from Santa. Burns said one woman in Tennessee complained to the BBB that she purchased two Santa letters online, but her children never received them. She was unable to contact the company by phone or fax.

In another example, Burns cites that a few years ago, a California woman also complained to the BBB because she paid $20 for letters for her then 3-year-old nephew whose father was stationed in Iraq. The letter never arrived at the boy's home in North Carolina or at the aunt's home in California.

So, yes... there are many online Santa-letter scammers hoping you step into their trap. Some of the them even have very nicely designed websites that talk about their "customer service" and how long they've supposedly been around. Truth is, MANY of the Santa Letter sites are scams. Many of them have no customer support email or phone number. They will take your money, and not send you any products. Go with a company you can trust, a company that has proven to be legitimate and secure... go with!
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