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The holiday tree is finally down, only a few last pieces of tinsel are still hiding in the carpet, and the lights will soon be put away. The Holiday Season of 2011 is just many fond memories of smiling and happy faces, both young and not-so-young, that came from all of the fun-filled programs that we created.

We produced more exciting events this Holiday Season than we did in 2010. We're hoping this means that our economy is moving in the right direction, and we’re looking forward to an even more active 2012.

We always do our fair share of Family Holiday Parties, and Casino Night / Las Vegas Parties continues to be one of the most popular, interactive entertainment programs for adult Holiday events. But our company is driven by the needs of our clients and customers, and we are always being called upon to come up with unique and creative ideas.

Look at some of the traditional and new programs we can offer you...

Family Holiday Parties are a great way to reward your hard working employees and their families for a job well done.

We offer all of the traditional types of shows and entertainment that you’d expect to find at these events, like magicians, clowns, face painters, arts and crafts, Santas, etc. But we’re always adding new and unique programs to that list.

Casino Night / Las Vegas Parties continues to be one of the most popular, interactive entertainment programs for adult Holiday events.

These programs have become a very popular, fun and engaging way for companies to distribute the holiday gifts to their employees, versus just holding a raffle.
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NIGHT AT THE DERBY™…the "Charity Version"

We’ve been doing our Night at the Derby™, video horse racing, as "just for fun" entertainment for corporate events for years. But we were recently approached by a charitable organization in Ohio, who wanted to do it as a fundraiser.

They’d heard of other groups doing this type of program as their fundraiser and they wanted to add something new, different and fun to their Annual Fundraising Gala.

After extensive research I found out that yes, this event could be done legally (at least in Ohio) and in fact it is a great way for the charity to raise money!

They raise money in 2 different ways. They keep a portion (50%) of all of the wagers made and they also make money by selling sponsorships for both the title / naming of the races and the naming of the horses. So even at a minimal sponsorship level of only $25 per horse and $250 per race title, the group could easily raise $5,000 even before the event starts.

This event is the ultimate, "can't lose, no-brainer", since even if everybody knew who the winner of the race was, and they all bet on it, the charity still keeps 50% of the total amount wagered (plus they have all of the sponsorship money as well). (Hey Michigan Charitable Gaming Board, are you listening? Hint! Hint!)
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One of our clients, always gives their events a theme, and they have a great love for all things "disco"… music, dancing, room decorations, etc.

So what better way to pull all of this together, than to produce a "Staying Alive" Party for them!

And with a theme like this, the only thing we could do, to give it that ultimate "wow factor", would be to have John Travolta there! Or should I say, a professional "look-a-like", and we brought in one of the best in the country, direct from the east coast. (Heck, he sound’s like Johnny T, even when he’s talking normal!)
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Knowing we have airbrush artists who do people’s names and custom artwork on T-shirts and hats (as well as temporary tattoos on people's bodies), we were contacted by a public relations company that was doing a national, point of purchase, promotional campaign for UGG Boots.

They wanted airbrush artists to be in stores across the country to customized purchases with client's names or some favorite artwork.

We supplied them with artists at several locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, and we almost helped them when one of their artists in Florida had some health issues.

What are the Holidays without "the man in red", Santa Claus!

From City tree lighting ceremonies, to corporate Holiday events and even a few private house parties, our professional, real-bearded Santas bring the "true magic" of the Holidays, to thousands of children throughout Michigan and Ohio.

Michigan Meetings & Event magazine invited us to write an article for their winter issue, about how to hire "the best" Santa possible.

Read Article:

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Everyone has heard of a DJ, but have you ever heard of a Video DJ or VJ for short?

Well, a VJ not only plays top of the charts dance music, they also project the music’s video on big screens throughout the room. It's sort of like dancing to the music that you would see on MTV, while having their videos playing in the background.

This is one of the hottest new trends in some of the hippest nightclubs around the country. And since we have several clients who always want to be "cutting edge", we had to offer this to them!.

I’ll have to admit that our taste in music here in the Midwest, is a little different than what you might have on either of the Coasts, so not only do our VJ's have all of the top dance music, they also have a phenomenal music library, going back to the big band era… and where they found those classic videos, I have no idea!
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Entertainingly yours,

Bernie Stevens
BSA Events & Entertainment, L.L.C.

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